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Climate models are a success story, but this field require even more research and new models with km-scale simulations for the whole Earth
ETH Zurich | 21.08.2019
Image credit: ETH Zurich

Saildrone 1020 is first to circumnavigate Antarctica (13,670 miles), in search for carbon dioxide
NOAA | 05.08.2019
Image credit: Saildrone Inc.

European Data Relay System (EDRS) enables Earth-observation satellites to deliver their information to users on the ground in near real-time
ESA | 01.08.2019
Image credit: ESA

Unmanned gliders (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) probe ocean depths in mission to fine-tune hurricane forecasts
NOAA | 16.07.2019
Image credit: NOAA

Presentate le prime immagini di PRISMA, sistema di osservazione della Terra dotato di un innovativo sensore elettro-ottico iperspettrale
ASI | 18.06.2019
Image credit: Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

The ESA’s WSF-2015 is the first map to provide a global overview of the world’s human settlement
CNR | 12.06.2019
Image credit: DLR, GEE

Detecting patterns of climate change in long-term forecasts of marine environmental parameters
CNR | 12.11.2018
Image credit: D4Science/ISTI-CNR

A metal-organic framework based system cleans and splits water
EPFL | 05.11.2018
Image credit: Alina-Stavroula Kampouri/EPFL

A fast, cheap, effective Earth-system modeling method
MIT | 24.10.2018
Image credit: Kurt Severance/NASA Langley Research Cente

Air quality: Copernicus Sentinel-5P maps air pollutants around the entire globe every day
ESA | 24.10.2018
Image credit: BIRA-IASB/DLR/ESA

Global climate: arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current
MIT | 17.10.2018
Image credit: NASA/Operation IceBridge

Europe eyes fleet of tiny CO2-monitoring satellites to track global emissions
Nature | O5.10.2018
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Radar altimetry: how satellite has revealed changes in the height of the ocean
ESA | 25.09.2018
Image credit: ESA – European Space Agency